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Ease of Application Problems
In the existing central heating system in case of failure can occur at any house, the block of the water column where failures have occurred, it is completely emptied and the necessity to intervene. This situation results in the same way that the results are not affected by the fault of all the apartments attached to the column.

Energy Saving Problems
All apartments are heated at the same time and the same way wheter they are ful lor not. The residents in the houses has no chance to make saving during certain months at certain days of the week, some periods of the da yor even the some specific periods of the winter. The people who doesn’t want to heat every part of their house or the users who doesn’t want to heat their house all the days has no possibility to make saving Money Yet the issue of the day and night used part are different, savings must be able to self-heating when needed. If the users make those savings with high consiciously, they will not affect from that savings. Comfort Heating Problems Ground floors fed the same column, the interlayer lofts, north - differences between the warming of the southern facade, which leads to overheating of some housing, has led to some complaints due to insufficient heating. People doesn’t have warming comforts for when they want. In case of the existing central system with hot water, or water as desired at any time or at times can not be taken as being unfair water heating hot water is recognized if the cost of using hot water from this system. Heat can not apartments, earn a higher degree and longer run the requesting and / or flat radiator addition by signing comfort problem solving to find while working, while apartment overheated boiler willingly to lower temperatures and running in less time and / or try to find a solution to comfort issue by opening the window .

Environmental Impact
Due to the lack of economic warming, more fuel gases resulting from the use of unnecessary waste, harm the environment. These gases accumulate over the city will create a greenhouse effect. This will open the way to global warming, it will pave the way for the formation of an environmental disaster.

Fair payment problems
In either residential square the payment of heating costs, or are taken on the number of unit heaters, anyone savings by closing some parts of the warming heat or the entire home at certain times of the day with the heat full day are forced to pay the same amount of volume. In this model, at an equal way, but not fair. Some users due to the timely payment of heating costs are victims of other users. This money is then heated to be collected by legal means, even if enough time, money collection problems are experienced. Sometimes tenants are being moved from the housing without paying money for fuel and cause many problems. Judicial authorities from time to time to reflect on all the issues mentioned above and which already occupy an important place in our justice system load too much.

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