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System Configuration
Reading from away, electricity, water, gas, heat calculation are the important parts of tge Project management. Now, away meter reading, away data communication are the important parts of the success of the projects. Projects are looking for secure data communication, low costs and no cablings between the blocks, wasy usage and easy setting in emergency situations. Our system offers all of them.
Existing Products in market: Both wired and wireless GPRS data transmission, data center users. Information center network via broadband transmission Block Center Community Center building, cable wiring between the data transmission. Disadvantages structure and complexity have become high maintenance costs, are limited to GPRS wireless remote-way distance, easy to install, but communication GSM operator needs to hear, because of the high operating costs. GPRS system design user downlink communication needs (music, etc. to download, scan), mainly to meet, upstream bandwidth is very low. Meter reading data, data based on a line, however, will need to install a reading of each table, and therefore, the reliability of data transmission has been limited.

Wireless M-Bus Modül:
Wireless communication products, the world's leading technology and civil meter reading, industrial-grade reliable high broadband data transmission zero communication costs to meet the needs of the user's application, successful product development experience applied in the field of implementation of a mature industrial wireless communication. installed in a circuit of a module with wireless wireless standard housing. Set copy from automatic wireless network, a housing or heat exchange stations to transmit data information center, base stations, transformers, etc. Survey Office and then transferred to the wired broadband network. Wireless setup copy without paying any fee, free public band benimsenmesi.ver to 250kbps bandwidth and can support meter reading once every 30 minutes. Industrial grade wireless technology, multi-channel, multi-path, time synchronization, system interference, high reliability and real time transmission.

System Configuration Chain.

Product Comparing

Wireless Modül

GPRS Modül

Cable Modül

System Setup

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Complicated Setup

Communication Expenses




Meter reading period

Between 3 minute and 24 hours

Dailey, Weekly, Monthly

Reading by meter reading software





Service – Maintenance



High maintenance costs

Correct measurement:
12 hours data collection give more accurate results

Project Management:
Depends on the situation, if the users doesn’t pay the bills, Project management can turn their valves off by our system. With this With this feature, management can take steps fort he users who doesn’t pay the bills.

Quick broken meter detection:
Because of system collects data in continues periods, when you have a broken meter problem, you can see it in our system as sson as possible and Project have chance to repair it without wasting time.
Low Communication costs:
Each base station use wideband communication system and creates 0 communication fee. 

Useful structure:
Because of wireless communication between the blocks, we don’t need cabling or digging between the building blocks. Our wireless network is easy to establish and no need to maintenance. 

Reading cost comparing
Example: Wireless module for 50 blocks needs 1 base station. If 1 GB internet is 29 TL per month, and, GPRS module for 1 block 1 GB internet is 29 TL per month, and if we think that total 500 blocks, we will see the payment per block in the table below

PS: Blocks are free from data transmission. Figure 1 is as shown. It is calculated as 30 minutes in a data transmission


Wireless Module

GPRS Module




Block Monthly Payment

0.58 KR

29 TL

Total Block 500 

290 TL
wideband montly fixed price

14.500 TL

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System Configuration
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