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Floor Station
1) Heat Exchangers and Pipes
Complete bottom plate mounted stainless steel (in 316) of urea copper brazed plate GEA branded eşanjar the working pressure is 16 bar.
Pipes according to the German standard (DIN / DVGW), stainless steel (AISI316) and is 18x1,0 mm.

2) Proportional Flow Control Unit
Without auxiliary power controller Delta PM-Regulator is working with hydromechanical system.
Working pressure is 10 bar, the Germans are licensed (DVGW). Use hot water heat exchanger on the need to give priority paving the way. Thus, the hot water heats water instantly stream "Legionella" eliminating the risk of calcification and water use will be removed.

3) Thermostatic Hot Water Control Regulator Set (Scald Prevention Valve)
Use by limiting the return temperature of heating water is fixing the hot water flow. Scalding hot water is prevented. Capillary sensor works in conjunction with the tube. Hot water temperature can be adjusted: 40-70 ° C (factory setting: 55 ° C) used the brand: Oventrop.

4) Fake Pressure Control Valve

5) Zone Valve (for heating circuit control)
Individual heating system in the room / apartment temperature and the timer function (weekly, day and night) programmable analogue clock set and automatically checks with thermal actuator.
5 is programmed, to be wall mounted. (IP30), adjustable temperature of 5-30 ° C (1 ea., Including the thermal actuator normally closed 230V)

6) Air Release Valve
In the stations are equipped with air-relief valve in the pipe to prevent the accumulation lama's top spot.

7) Calorimeters
Heat water input and output according to the difference in temperature from the boiler calculates how many calories you use the circle

8) Network for cold water meter (Option are hand).

9) Calorimeter temperature sensor 1/2 "for possible connections

10) Strainer is
Heating circuit and return the network station in the amount of dirt from the boiler water strainer with stainless steel screen (sieve between 0.5mm). Station located in at least 2 strainer.

11-12) Drain valve, heating circuit

13) 2-Way Full Bore Engine Valve (opens or closes depending on credit conditions)

14) Kod'l Prepaid Control Module
It is given as a 6-digit code received from management and is disposable. When you install or Credit When you are finished, it allows you to use a backup credit facility.
Administration determines the amount of installed backup credit is deducted from the total amount of credit when the module is loaded.
EPM is not made, the installation of the replacement loan or credit is exhausted PREPAID receives all information and the available memory to close the valve.

15) Bottom Plate and Fittings The bottom plate consists of galvanized steel sheet and all the equipment is mounted with custom produced sound and durable insulated from heat loss and improved clamp fittings. It consists of brass fittings.

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